All turbochargers are serviced by specialists with the required training and specialized technology.

Before being released for sale, we extensively test all the remanufactured turbochargers. This means that you can be truly confident in the quality of the remanufactured turbocharger you purchase from us.

BR Turbo gives a 12 month warranty to its remanufactured turbocharger against faulty workmanship and components. Please inquire about the specific terms from your BR Turbo service representative.

Warranty conditions

The warranty agreement is between BR Turbo and BR Turbo’s customer extending to the end user of the initial sale. If the vehicle or engine that the turbo is fitted to is subsequently sold, the warranty does not automatically pass to the new owner.

The warranty only applies to vehicles that are properly serviced throughout the duration of the warranty – according to the vehicle manufacturer specifications, including regular oil changes and the correct type of oil.

For the warranty to be in effect, all of the underlying issues with the vehicle should be resolved before refitting the turbo. BR Turbo will not be responsible for any turbocharger failures that are caused by external factors such as oil starvation, oil contamination, overspeed, impact damage etc. These can be caused by issues such as a blocked oil feed pipe or a drop in oil pressure, particles entering the oil system, split boost pipes, damaged intercooler, worn injectors, a faulty EGR valve, blocked DPF, faulty boost control valve, hot shutdowns etc.

Warranty will be denied in case the vehicle engine has been modified to increase its power output, if this was unknown to BR Turbo at the time of the turbo refurbishing. Similarily, the warranty may be voided if the vehicle is modified to increase power output after the refurbished turbocharger has been fitted and subsequently the turbocharger fails.

In the event of any goods proving defective during the period of the warranty due to faulty material or workmanship BR Turbo shall either replace the turbocharger or repair it free of charge.

The warranty is voided in the following cases:

  1. If maintenance/repairs have been provided on the turbo by anyone other than BR Turbo
  2. If any unauthorized modifications have been made to the turbocharger, not specifically approved by BR Turbo
  3. If turbocharger is not installed correctly or used incorrectly

The warranty does not cover:

  1. Mechanical damage
  2. Damage caused by particle contamination or foreign objects inside the turbocharger
  3. Damage caused by lack of lubrication or using the wrong type of liquids in the engine (fuel, oil)
  4. Damage caused by using non-factory-approved materials and spare parts in the turbocharger
  5. Damage caused by normal wear and tear

Recommendations of use for turbos

The following recommendations ensure the longevity and continuous performance of the turbocharger. We recommend:

  • Always use the appropriate seals for the turbocharger.
  • Have the turbocharger installed at a service that has qualified specialists and specialized technology to properly install the turbocharger and diagnose any issues in the engine that might end up damaging the turbocharger.
  • Allow the engine to idle a bit each time to ensure buildup of sufficient oil pressure.
  • Allow the engine to idle for 2-4 minutes whenever shutting down the engine to avoid excessive wear on the turbine bearings.
  • Avoid excessively turning over the engine while idling. This may cause the oil pressure in the turbine to become higher than the atmospheric pressure in the compressor. The oil might leak and create a grayish smoke.
  • Avoid pressing down the gas pedal upon starting or shutting down the engine.
  • Perform regular oil and filter changes.
  • Perform regular routine maintenance on your car, following the intervals recommended by the manufacturer.