Remanufactured turbochargers

Remanufactured turbochargers

While BR turbo has a large selection of new original turbochargers, our main business comes from repairing or in other words, refurbishing/remanufacturing turbochargers.

This is due to the fact that over the past decade, more and more car models come factory equipped with a turbocharger. But as with everything else that moves, turbochargers also have wear and tear from years of operation and eventually something breaks.

While a new turbocharger from a reputable brand can be quite expensive, remanufacturing is a viable alternative, if done by a high quality service provider.

All of our refurbished turbochargers have a 12 month warranty and the service is much more affordable than buying a new turbocharger.

Components used for restoring a turbocharger are always of the same quality as the originals with regard to material, hardness, tolerances etc. Each remanufactured turbocharger undergoes extensive testing on more than 8 different quality controls to ensure the best quality. The equipment used has been approved by the manufacturers of the original brand turbos.

BR Turbo is the largest distributor of brand original and remanufactured turbochargers in the Baltic States and Eastern Europe. We carry most of the replacement parts needed in stock, which enables us to service and repair the turbo very quickly.

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